Medical education in china is grown-up up amongst the globe only due to Chinese Government
Universities are well recognized Worldwide, while acquiring a degree from the Chinese universities
internationally accepted in great preferable manner. Also, Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) has
announced Chinese medical institutes to be in List A, and also, Chinese Universities are PMC
approved, it means If Pakistani student wants to come back then he/she is allowed to serve as a
doctor, there is no need for particular exam specially for Chinese students. These are one of the
main reasons for Pakistani student to choose china for their medical education.

EUROMEDICS foundation tends to help the international students to make applying for the Chinese
universalities easier. In the past decade, EUROMEDICS has helped more then enough international
students to apply for universities in China. You may wonder why so many students have applied
through EUROMEDICS instead of applying to universities directly, by reading this page you will get
the answer.

When applying for universities to study abroad, the most important thing is to choose the right
university and suitable program for you. You will require to evaluate different choices before you
can make the best selection and find the one that merits you to spend 4 or more years in it. Services
like EUROMEDICS have the advantage of owning a lot of universities and programs, and among all of
them, EUROMEDICS is the one that has most of them.

EUROMEDICS cooperate with more than 40+ universities and colleges in China, and the number is
consistently growing every year. From associate colleges to universities, private training
organizations to public universities, you can always find the best one you want from abundant
choices on EUROMEDICS.
Besides, unlike other agencies that can only help you to find universities in some regions,
EUROMEDICS can help you to choose universities in more than 70 cities in China. From Xinjiang to
Shanghai, Heilongjiang to Hainan, you can find your aim for your study in China.

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