It is not imaginable for middle class Pakistan family to afford foreign education because of high
tuition fees and living cost, but now with Kazakhstan Universities it is possible as they offer medical
courses at five to six times lesser then Pakistan Universities. Kazakhstan Universities provide quality
education worldwide. Universities are well equipped and enhanced with all resources for education
and training of students with trained faculty and professors. One of main reasons for choosing
Kazakhstan for the future aim is that PMC has announces Kazakhstan institution to be List A.
Kazakhstan Universities are PMC approved, it means If Pakistani student wants to come back then
he/she is allowed to serve as a doctor, there is no need for particular exam for Kazakhstan students.

EUROMEDICS foundation tends to help the international students to make applying for the
Kazakhstan universalities easier. In the past decade, EUROMEDICS has helped more than enough
international students to apply for universities in Kazakhstan. You may wonder why so many

students have applied through EUROMEDICS instead of applying to universities directly, by reading
this page you will get the answer.

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